In the lens of Kim Dao

In the lens of Kim Dao

Australian skincare blogger and celebrity Kim Dao is someone who is obsessed and fascinated with Japanese and Korean skin care solutions. At a recent interview with Kat, Kim spills her experiences in the Asian countries of Japan and Korea and says she overlooks the bustling and busy life when compared with this silent and serene ambience of Perth, Australia.

Kim Dao is in love with many Japanese and Korean skincare essentials that retail cheaper there as compared to Australia. She also mentions how Australian beauty goods are harsher or her skin causing breakouts and blemishes, and therefore prefers the subtle and affordable Korean and Japanese products. She also says that she overlooks the food of Korea and Japan, which is cheap and easily available, as in comparison to Australia, where the majority of the stores close down from 5 p.m.

From the meeting with Kat, Kim Dao shows that the Australian Idol Concert was the only concert she ever attended and witnessed and has never been to a K-pop concert, citing that tickets are tough to acquire. Kim Dao sheds light on the Japanese and Korean lifestyle and their rapid growth. After getting back to Australia, Kim shows that she will still be posting videos on Japanese and Korean skincare because of her main channel and Australian Vlogs for her vlog station, trusting that her following will still love and appreciate the job. For more information please Click This Link

Kim Dao reveals that she’s moving in with her boyfriend in Australia permanently and that she’d make it a point to see Korea and Japan after a year as she has taken a liking to those nations. She wishes to meet more people who share her shared love for Japanese and Korean products, lifestyle and culture also extends her gratitude to her after for making her undertakings possible.


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