VPS hosting in the UK

VPS hosting in the UK

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the four types of web hosting in terms of technology employed. VPS is also referred to as a dedicated virtual server. To the user, a virtual server appears as a dedicated host ; however, it is installed on a computer that serves multiple websites. The VPS technology includes a single contributor and will be able to maintain several virtual servers. In reality, this hosting has become a frequent choice for small and medium scale enterprises as it is reasonable in cost and rich features. The Virtual Private Server comes in two kinds, the windows VPS which is also known as the cheap VPS and the Linux VPS.

Cheap Hosting is a web hosting services provider and over a decade of experience makes it possible for the organization to continually expand offering and adopt new technologies. The team of cheap Hosting is only to be one of the best-rated providers of business web and email hosting in the UK. The company has a large range of hosting for interested clients, namely the web hosting, cPanel hosting, Magento, word press hosting, concrete5 hosting, cheap VPS hosting, etc..

The web hosting services provider has one of the best website hosting UK in the united kingdom. The hosting available is super-fast, secure, scalable server and clients can also customize the tools according to their needs, which can be discretionary. It has the CPU that ranges from 1 center to a limit of 16 cores, RAM of 1 GB to 32 GB, the SSD can be customized from 1 GB to 20 GB, and the IPS can be extended from 1IPS to five IPS.

Purchasing the VPD hosting comes with additional tools and services. The control panel comes in two option of cPanel and Plesk onyx for Linux. The os has many different options to choose from, and backup’s option is provided.


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